delivering cybersecurity in the channel islands



Building public engagement & understanding

Public interest in cybersecurity has never been higher. However, not everyone knows how to respond. The CIISF public awareness programme reaches the public, educators, policymakers, business and community leaders, and professionals.

2016 Strategy

We are currently reviewing our strategy for 2016 onwards.

To contribute to the future of security in Jersey and Guernsey join the CIISF today.

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Developing and supporting security professionals

As the Channel Islands' professional body for Cyber & Information Security, the CISSF delivers and facilitates training and CPD for current and aspiring security professionals. This includes seminars, conferences and study groups.

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Research and advice to support public policy

Seeking to establish the Channel Islands as 'Centres of Excellence' in cybersecurity, the CIISF provides research and advice to policymakers and public bodies, encourages open debate and comments on security and privacy issues.

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